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KCBRP goes digital

Digitalization has stepped into Tanzania with tiger-steps.

Staying continuously connected with our partners, clients and members through multiple digital channels has speedup the way our organization interacts and organizes itself within the last years. Besides developing an app for handling client’s profiles and treatments, we now decided to go on by restructuring our web presence enabling new levels of transparency, topicality and interactivity.

Our approaches

Stories – We build up a small portfolio containing actual samples of life-changing impacts that CBR and rehabilitation measures had in the life of selected clients. Additional video- and photo-material impressively reflects on the harsh situations and steps our clients had to face. Besides creating common awareness, other CBR-organizations may find some practical examples of how long-term solutions can look like and which challenges they are connected with. You can find the first set of stories here [1].

PresentationWho are the people behind this NGO? Which networks are we already part of and how can our long-term experience provide consultation and help? And finally: How did we manage and adapt CBR-approaches? KCBRP wants to give answers to such questions through the use of different media, e.g. downloadable reports, documentations or interactive timeline’s.

Participation – Yearly we interact with hundreds of disabled people and their families; both in our facilities or on the field as part of our weekly consultations. It is no secret that all stakeholders quickly reach their financial and organizatorical capacities and often enough people can only be forwarded.

Whether these ideas helped us to reach a bigger audience will be said throughout the next months.