Karagwe Community Based Rehabilitation Programmes (KCBRP)

For more than a decade, KCBRP has taken lead in championing the rights of people with disabilities through promoting components of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR).

Although being settled in Karagwe, West-Tanzania, our long-term aim lies in enhancing the quality of life for persons with disabilities (PWDs) and their families on a national level. Our dream: People should meet their basic needs and experience inclusion in all areas. This includes: Free participation in public and private services, access and benefits from education, employment, health and social services.

The Team

Aggrey Mashanda (Executive director)
Aggrey Mashanda

Executive Director

Audiphax Kamala (Programme Coordinater)
Audiphax Kamala

Programme- & Community Coordinator

Flavian Kishela (Rehabilitation coordinator)
Flavian Kishela

Rehabilitation Coordinator

George Mbatina (Centre coordinater)
George Mbatina

Centre Coordinator

Veneranda Maruhe
Veneranda Maruhe


Julieth Nesphat (Nurse)
Julieth Nesphat



Upendo Buzubona (Programme partnership officer)
Upendo Buzubona

Programme Partnership Officer

Florence Rugemalira
Florence Rugemalira

Manager Albinism-project

Emanuel Mgimba (Pysiotherapist)
Emanuel Mgimba



Flourian Protase (Field officer)
Flourian Protase

Field Officer

Further objectives

  • Creating an atmosphere of acceptance for people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups by raising awareness in the  community regarding their abilities, needs and providing legal services and assistance when their rights are threatened in order to have their dignity and recognition being restored and thus their life status enhanced.
  • Promoting medical rehabilitation by sending disabled people to various referral hospitals within and outside the country for surgery and other specialist management.
  • Livelihood: Facilitating small scale income generating activities in order to reduce ones dependency on the local community.
  • Being a strategic partner organization with international and local organizations to influence government departments to promote and support people with disabilities so that they get their rights to education, health-care and other rights as stipulated in the laws of the land.

Our History

We started our work in 2004 as a department of the Anglican Diocese of Kagera, rendering services to people with disabilities (PWDs) in Karagwe District and the surrounding regions. KCBRP was officially registered as an NGO that supports PWDs nation-wide in 2012 (Reg No: 00NGO00005511). Within the same year we started a strategic partnership with Liliane Foundation (read more). Thanks to generous financial support we managed to acquire land where we (starting in October 2014 ) constructed four bigger buildings, including the “Benjamin Hall” (where our office shifted to in mid of 2015), two accessible resting-facilities and a physiotherapy department.