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Success stories


Elieth is the third born of the late Mr. Sospeter Jacob of Rwambaizi village, Igurwa ward.This girl with congenital blindness due to unknown causes was born in 1996. It was unfortunate that ten months after she was born her mother went back to Rwanda and left Elieth under care of single parent ‘the dad’. The parent tried as much as possible to look after Elieth feeding her with cow milk and local foods but also taking care of other two little kids.
The death of the responsible dad in 2003 left Elieth with pain and hopeless. Other children were taken by relatives simply because they would help with domestic activities but Elieth could not hence left with grandparents who were also unable to fulfill grandchild’s needs because they were too old. You can’t believe even the grandparents died two years later. It was real sad that this little girl missed the real love from blood family members!!! Now Elieth was in hands of uncle who was not providing good care to this orphan girl.
In 2007, Elieth’ aunt heard about KCBRP and decided to bring her for intervention and advised to stay with her. This advice was considered because the child was malnourished hence needed great care but also the aunt’s home was near by the office which was being easy for home visits and monitoring. Through home visits the family was counseled and advised on how to take care of a blind child. This was important because there were few neighbors who were discouraging the aunt by saying “why are you disturbing yourself to look after this disabled child who has no help with you?”
In 2008, she joined Mugeza inclusive primary school in BukobaMunicipal, KCBRP supported Elieth with scholastic materials, school fees and transport to and from during holidays. Sometimes we provided fare to the aunt to pay visit to school to monitor Elieth’s progress at school. When at school Elieth was with a lot of joys and hopes of her life interacted well with other pupils and academically the girl was performing very well. She was taught how to do domestic activities at school and at home. During her holidays, Elieth helps her aunt with some domestic activities at home surprising the family by demonstrating her ability of doing things including washing, cooking e.t.c.
In 2015 October the girl completed standard seven and was selected to join form one in January 2016. Now she is progressing well with secondary school studies at Rugambwa inclusive secondary school in Bukoba Municipal. Elieth is enjoying the life at school, interacting well with fellow students. The main challenge to Elieth at school is lacking personal Braille machine. Currently she is sharing with other three friends unlike to primary school studies when she had her own machine.
Elieth’s hobby is singing especially gospel songs and reading Bible. The community and neighbors are admiring the progress a child reached. Up to this point this important progress has been contributed by many stakeholders including funders, the aunt’s family, and teachersat Mugeza P/School, KCBRP and local government.