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Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

This strategy was first developed by the WHO [1] as an approach to enable inclusion and participation for disabled people in rural or “resource-constrained”¹ areas such as Karagwe. Instead of taking care of the situation of single individuals, CBR activities aim on developing an inclusive environment that raises opportunities for all community-members through an atmosphere of trust, acceptance and development under common goals.


Improved Networking: Bringing together citizens, disabled people and local policy-makers to reflect and exchange about the status-quo and given barriers. Additionally, vulnerable groups get in touch with responsible organizations/partners and learn about various possibilities of treatment.

Human Rights & Education: All community-members know their rights and responsibilities as a human being. They agree on and advocate participation in public services (e.g. schools, health-care, banking) and furthermore address these claims to other (civil or religious) groups, government-authorities and businesses.

Ownership: Once having agreed to these points, members manage their own community, share ideas or skills and find business opportunities for members without income. Together they exert pressure on policy-makers (see above) and teach their experiences to other villages.

Economical grow: The relationship between poverty and increasing disabilities has already been discussed in several contexts. Only strategies taking care of common development and education are able to end this dangerous twist and hence to improve national economy (and social grow) as a whole.


CBR-measures take place on a grass-roots-level. Therefore they require intense preparations, provision of dedicated staffs and a network that includes religious, vocational and medical institutions as well as local and political authorities (multi-domain approach). This, of course, comes along with high financial and organizational needs.

KCBRP makes use of Villages Rehabilitation Workers (VRW) [2] located in different villages for managing large groups of clients. Through frequent field-trip’s we can record their medical situation, assist with basic advices and refer individuals to dedicated institutions for further support.

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