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Partner (PO) & Strategic Partner Organizations (SPO)

A powerful network involving multiple stakeholder groups from the global, national (SPO) and local sphere (PO). It allows the implementation of strategic goals throughout different appartements or regions and improves networking in between those organizations.

Partner Organizations (POs, also “local partner organizations“) act on the grass-roots level and therefore take care of identifying vulnerable individuals, their condition and suggested treatments. Furthermore, just like VRWs, they plan community gatherings, monitor the progress of a child and redirect these information to the SPO in charge.

Strategic Partner Organizations (SPOs) like KCBRP consult their local partners, allocate financial ressources and manage linkages between all participating organizations on a national level. By sharing knowledge and capacitites, the local partner organizations can grow more efficiently and exert pressure on policy-makers or society in a unified manner.

As the latter aspect plays a big role in the Tanzanian society, we decided in 2015 to found the “Lake Zone disability consortium” (TDRC [1]) which is located centraly in Mwanza. This consortium brings together not only NGOs dealing with disabled people, but also dedicated educational, health-care or similiar service institutions. Together they construct and extend development-goals for the next decades which are then being promoted in various events, e.g. the World Disability Day [2].

Further readings

http://www.lilianefonds.org/intervention-chain/strategic-partner-organisations [3]

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